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"...older women younger men relationships..."

A foreign student has been living with my family since last month.
His name is Josh, who came from central Canada.
He is 23 years younger than me.
We are very conpatible just like brother and sister.
Last night, We watched a movie on the couch then he kissed me!!!!
I'm confused, but It was expected.
His kiss wasn't bad! I was fascinated by him. My hubby is very busy most of weekdays.
It means Josh and I have enough time to be intimate each other.
I'm a bit interested in him(young white man),
but also afraid of him.
How good(or bad) foreign man's sex?
How big his tool?
Is he enough to have sex with older women?
Is he too young for me?
Does he loves me? or just wanna have sex??
What do you think?
Shuld i try? or Not??
I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait tomorrow evening.

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  • Older Women Seeking Younger Men in Arkansas,AR

    Older Woman Dating Younger Man in Arkansas,AR It's getting hot in here ... - w4m - 45
    I'm one of those women who look average in clothes and hella-hot out of 'em. If you want to see what I'm talking about, hit me up. I have my own home, and my hot tub is just boring with only one body occupying it. I need some eye candy. You can be anywhere between 18 and 58 as long as you take good care of yourself and it shows. Make the subject "hot tub honey" so I know you're not trying to bot me.

    "...mature women younger men..."

    Tonight - oh, tonight. Second date with the young man from down cape. This one makes me feel like a teenager again. He's 26 (younger than what I usually will go) but he has the charm, demeanor and "talents" of a man much older. I have no regrets whatsoever in giving in to his persistent emails from a few weeks ago, and I am truly looking forward to another wonderful time with him tonight.

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    Mature Women Looking for Young Men

    Mature Dating in Arkansas,AR Hoping to find a younger guy (35)
    i am way too gorgrous to be not getting any, but I guess that's what I get. Would the thought of being sexual with me interest you?

    "...younger men dating older women..."

    I am not one to ever ask for peoples advise on things but....I am today.
    I kinda have this figured out but it's always good to have some other takes on a situation I guess. So I have this sexy, young black man that I have been hanging out with since October.
    He's 24..I am 35...sexually the age thing is fine but on a serious matter is that age difference fine?

    I know when I was 25 my boyfriend was 10 years older then me and it was good we were togeather for 7 years...but.
    I have sooo much fun with him...we just chill and it's fun we have wicked sex togeather and I am soooo falling for him.
    I also have another guy who I so far really like who is exactly my age and I want to develop something a little more with him too.
    I just know I can't let go of my man? I think about him constantly, I get uber excited when I am going to see him...I can't wait to see him. Lately we have been hanging out on almost a daily basis which is making it extremly hard to keep feelings at bay.

    So I think what I should do is start to distance myself from him and just keep it how it was a booty call on occasion...this is what my head says...but my heart says take it as far as it goes...just go with the flow and if I end up getting hurt I will deal with it at that time?

    I am really confused...I haven't felt this way about anyone in a very, very, long time and I love it... but at the same time it's messing me up!!!!

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    Younger Men Dating Older Women, Arkansas,AR

    Mature Lady Pic Hi ya guys!!
    So I am old enough to know better but still young enough not to give a shit! I really want to gain some more life experience and want to meet a guy who can help me. I am told that my lovely long hair is one of my best assets, that and of course my equally long sexy legs. People may say I seem angelic but let me tell you the thoughts going through my head are not ones an angel would have. Some guys think women are predictable, but with me you will never know what is going to happen, can you handle that? If you feel you are man enough to give me the pleasure and action I need then don't be shy, email me.


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    From our blogs:

    Am I a Cougar? There IS a hot 30 year old I've played with 3-4 times. I finally broke down and did it and do NOT regret it! It's ALWAYS steamy when we get together and I'm sure our ages have NOTHING to do with our encounters! The mutual attraction is YUMMMMMM! And thankfully he's quite mature for his age (otherwise it just wouldn't work for me). He's into the kissing and touching like I am! And he says such lovely, sincere, heart-felt things from time to time. He's not from HotMatch. He WAS a client. Things just happened to get hot and heavy one time and it evolved from there.

    Now my preference is for men around my own age +/- 10 years; I'm 48. 35 is usually pushing it for me. Have no problem with 37-56 or so. I DID play with the 28 y/o once and then he disappear, which is too bad as he was fairly local and worthy of playing with again (sigh). They're Getting Younger

    There are a number of definitions out there as to what a Cougar is; all of them somewhat similar. Usually a woman 30-50 (or so) that has sex with a male much younger than herself. Some say the MATURE FEMALE is the one doing the chasing. Some of the MALES are the ones doing the chasing.

    I don't chase ANY men, lol. I respond to some of those who've contacted me that I MAY have an interest in seeing if we'd like to take things further. So, what are your thoughts about this? Does it make me a Cougar in Arkansas,AR having a 30 y/o playmate? Btw, whether I am or not it doesn't bother me either way! Just curious


    Anybody who has ever dated somebody much older or younger than himself or herself recognizes the feeling that you really don't choose the person you fall in love with. Age difference can lead to examination from other individuals and discomfort because of age-related differences in lifestyles and opinions. Agree that you will both try to stay on sincere and focus on the fact that you care for each other and are happy in the relationship.
    BBW women dating in Arkansas,AR

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